NOW-gen Technology

Fully automated, high-density pallet storage to meet today’s demanding warehousing and distribution needs. What do you need to know about RAFT AS/RS? It’s scalable for any high-throughput operation and it’s flexible, allowing you to automatically react to inventory and order processing changes. But we’re only getting started!

Choose the pallet intake and distribution configuration that works for you. RAFT AS/RS shuttles pallets via put wall or conveyor intake and swiftly navigates inventory storage and order fulfillment through the integration of cutting-edge automation and SRSI’s proprietary SwiftCurrent WES.

RAFT AS/RS is a 3-dimensional “lift and run” system. Pallets are lifted to the designated storage level, transferred both cross-lane and down-lane to the next available pallet position. Maximum storage density and automated pallet accessibility are as easy as that!