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Automated Warehouse Equipment

The Future Of Warehousing Applied Today

Imagine walking into a warehouse and wondering where the light switch is. In this modern distribution age, everything from pallet to each picks can all be done without human assistance. Need to simply move product to storage locations more efficiently due to an ever more competitive labor market? Let us show you how AGV’s can help. Do you need to pull pallets and store in buffer lanes so that trucks can be loaded in under 30 minutes for your high demand dock? We have that solution. From de-stacking inbound pallets to robotic palletizer cells on the outbound, we can help analyze your application and put forth the best industry partners to meet your needs. If you want a hands off approach to your operation, we know how to implement that goal. SRSI takes pride in helping meet your warehouse automation needs with a promise of superior execution. You take the hands off the product, we keep our hands on your project throughout the process.

Warehouse Software-Based Systems:

  • WMS
  • WES
  • WCS
  • PLC Controls

Extensive material handling and design experience with the latest systems know-how create highly-efficient warehousing & distribution solutions.


Expert knowledge in piece, case and pallet picking applications, design & integration and software implementation.


Dedicated turnkey systems integrators, designers and project managers delivering more than customer satisfaction...We Deliver Excellence.