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Cold storage facilities require systems that can endure temperatures other systems may not be able to handle. To store cold products, cold storage warehouses require the refrigeration unit to be able to maintain temperatures that are between 0-4 degrees Celsius (or colder).

SRSI is Equipped to Assist with Your Cold Storage Needs.

In these environments, SRSI has the expertise to deliver drive-in, push back rack, deep reach, and shuttles. All options for cold storage facilities depend on the annual inventory turns, number of SKUs, lines per order, pallet size, etc. SRSI tailors each solution to your specific operations.

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Cold storage applications create some unique requirements, such as higher value on cube utilization compared to non-refrigerated environments while still maintaining proper inventory rotation. Value-added services, such as case picking and promotional services, create a more labor-intensive process in cold spaces where hiring and maintaining warehouse staff is challenging. Everything from modifications to lift equipment, oil/lubricants in automated equipment, and even the physical properties of components like plastic must be evaluated to ensure the same level of performance in a cold storage environment that you would expect in a typical dry warehouse.
All type of storage systems should be considered to maximize storage and minimize labor for your cold storage warehouse. For example, if a high percentage of orders requires case picking, push back racking should be incorporated in the solution. If orders are typically 1-2 SKU’s and exclusively full pallet picks, drive-in, drive-through, pallet flow, shuttle, and AS/RS solutions should be considered. The cost differences associated with these solutions are evaluated against annual labor costs and facility operating costs. Key factors include annual inventory turns, volume seasonality, and resistance to large changes in stored SKU profile. A good understanding of these main factors help determine what level of automation and density generates the best ROI.

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SRSI’s RAFT ASRS system operates down to -20 degrees Celsius, which typically meets normal cold/frozen requirements. Additionally, low temperature speed controllers on pallet flow allow this technology to be leveraged in cold storage environments. Semi-automatic shuttle solutions or Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) often have cold package options to allow them to function in these harsh environments. Push-back racking can be ordered with special wheels and low temperature lubricants to improve its performance in very cold applications. Even basic selective racking is often modified with additional impact resistance to ensure storage locations are not forced out of service due to damage in these high cost-per-cubic-feet storage areas.

Take Your Storage to the Next Level.

At SRSI, not only do we have all of the standard cold storage requirements covered, we also provide customized solutions to meet your unique needs and guarantee long-term performance. Ready to take your cold storage to the next level? Bundle up for the best ROI with SRSI.