Dynamic Full Pallet Storage

Pallet Flow offers deep inventory reserve

Pallet flow is a gravity flow pallet storage method that offers deep inventory reserve and an automatically-replenished pick face. Pallet flow can double the pallet storage of standard selective rack and do it with a smaller, condensed warehouse footprint. It’s a dense storage system that can go very deep (up to 20 pallet positions) depending on inventory needs.

The system requires separate load and pick aisles and supports FIFO (first-in/first-out) inventory rotation. It is often most cost-effective for storing a limited number of high-volume SKUs.

Pallet flow relies on wheels or rollers, not carts, so it can be designed to accommodate non-standard-sized pallets. Pallet speed is controlled with precisely set slope and customized accessories to provide friction and slow the pallets. This is particularly important in deep-lane systems. The system design depends on the inventory specs and system expectations. Pallet flow is a good choice in all warehouse climates and is particularly popular in freezer applications.

Advantages of Pallet Flow
  • Efficient full pallet picking
  • Dense storage up to 20 pallets deep
  • Automatic pick face replenishment
  • Separate load and pick aisles
  • Works in all warehouse climates
  • Low maintenance
  • Design to fit any size pallet
  • Floor-mount for oversized items

Carton Flow Boosts Case
Picking Operations

Carton flow is a highly-efficient gravity flow solution for case picking of full cases, totes or each picks. Carton flow provides storage depth for ready reserve inventory and an automatically replenished pick face.

Like pallet flow it has separate load and pick access aisles which minimizes traffic in the pick area to enable faster item selection. Also like pallet flow, carton flow lanes are comprised of either steel skate wheels, hardy plastic wheels, or rollers. The type of system is dependent upon the inventory specs and bottom configuration of the case, tote, carton.

Angle trays can be added to the pick face to help with pickers to select inventory faster and more accurately. They also help improve ergonomic positioning.

Advantages of Carton Flow
  • Faster, more accurate case, tote and carton picking
  • Dense storage in a reduced footprint
  • Orderly SKU storage
  • Automatic pick face replenishment
  • Improved pick rates & accuracy
  • Minimized aisle congestion