SRSI is pleased to partner with Honeywell Intelligrated® to give our clients a diverse and customizable array of conveyor systems options for their warehouses and production facilities. A trusted and internationally recognized leader in material handling products, it’s only fitting that they entrust the SRSI team to properly integrate their line of products into warehouses across the country. SRSI will expertly implement Honeywell’s extensive line of high-speed conveyor and sortation systems, automated storage and picking systems and intelligent software. 

System Benefits:

  • Increase throughput to keep pace with high order volumes and SKU proliferation
  • Improve order accuracy to minimize returns processing
  • Automate end-of-line palletizing operations for manufacturing fulfillment 
  • Integrate with warehouse execution systems to drive greater levels of automation
  • Develop cross-docking processes to alleviate storage and handling requirements
  • Employ zone-skipping strategies to mitigate shipping costs and expedite deliveries