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Full-Case Picking

Optimized Fulfillment On A Case By Case Basis

Case picking is one of those operations where not only getting it right the first time, but regular monitoring of inventory cycle times is critical. Fast movers are often best picked right from the pallet and depending on how fast a mover… floor positioning or pallet flow with a reserve pallet or two could be the best option. Medium movers often are best positioned in carton flow where the pallet is unloaded into a flow system that allows deep, orderly and space maximizing carton storage. Slower movers are often best stored in static shelving… but as with all things material handling, it depends on your specific inventory, space availability, workforce and budget.

That’s where partnering with the SRSI team can net you big operational savings. We have decades of experience finding the right mix of systems and operations to optimize inventory throughput while maximizing your warehousing footprint and labor force.

Consider Layer Picking

Your carton picking may actually be better served by a semi-automated layer-picking operation where full layer(s) are picked at once for palletizing mixed SKUs for order fulfillment. SRSI can design the picking operation, specify the picking equipment plus racking and conveyor materials needed. SRSI will also provide warehouse traffic pattern layout and oversee installation and training. If automation, semi-automation or just plain organization and optimization are in your plans… then SRSI is your go-to source.

Sample Case Picking Systems:

  • Pallet Flow
  • Carton Flow
  • Static Pallet Rack
  • Layer Picking
  • Powered and/or Gravity Conveyor

From basic rack to conveyor, sortation, and automation, SRSI takes care of you and your operations. Explore our blogs and expertise here.

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