Modernized Picking Comes to You

Why go to the mountain, when the modern DC can use goods-to-person technology and bring that mountain of work right to you! Goods-to-person technology has become a hot button topic in distribution. Everyone wants it, maybe a top manager wants to know why it’s not being utilized already.  These technologies promise near errorless picking, fast rates for slow to mid-level movers and sometimes pay for themselves in labor of footprint savings. That all sounds great, but a misapplied goods-to-person solution quickly becomes a very noticeable decoration in an otherwise vibrant facility.  Why go to a horizontal carousel versus a vertical? What is a vertical lift module and how is it different than a vertical carousel? Multi-shuttle versus mini load, why are both still sold today? As many warehouse solutions are, the answers are determined by rate, product dimensions, SKU counts, and replenishment cycles. Let a member of SRSI help with the analysis. The wonderful thing about these systems is, when they make sense they pay for themselves! In many cases, SRSI can show you how to use these technologies and reduce your operating budget, making the project both appealing and easy to implement in most corporate financial structures. Let us bring the goods-to-person solution to your people. The solutions will bring the goods, you get to keep the free productivity.

Goods-to-Person Operations:

  • Carousels (Horizontal/Vertical)
  • VLMs (Vertical Lift Modules)
  • Miniload
  • Multi Shuttle