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Goods-To-Person Solutions: Your Order Fulfillment Made Better, Faster, More Efficient

Goods-to-person picking solutions help maximize order fulfillment efficiency by bringing products straight to your order selectors to pick, pack and ship. Reduce labor costs, improve order accuracy and increase productivity at the same time. Goods-to-person systems seamlessly direct operators to which products to pick, and at what volume – all while saving travel time searching for product locations.

SRSI specializes in the implementation of goods-to-person technology with proven results . Let us work with you to get the best system for you.

Benefits Of Goods-To-Person Solutions

Goods-to-person system have been integrated into traditional warehouse workflow for years, because they provide a variety of benefits, including:

  • More Efficient and Accurate Picking
  • Higher Order Throughput
  • Optimized Storage Space
  • Can Accommodate Diverse Orders with Mixed Product
  • Preserves Employees’ Ergonomic Health

How Do Goods-To-Person

Systems Work in Order Fulfilment?


Goods-to-person solutions are systems that deliver SKUs to human-operated picking stations so the operator can fill specific orders. These systems are ideal for split-case fulfillment where products will vary. There are multiple types of goods-to-person fulfillment solutions, each with their own benefits and factors to consider, like space, output needs, what kind of inventory you’re processing, personnel size and more. As the number of SKUs that warehouses are expected to process increases, facilities just like yours have found it necessary to move away from traditional manual, paper-based order compiling to an automated approach to processing.

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Goods-To-Person Solution

There are multiple types of goods-to-person systems to choose from. When you’re getting ready to implement a new goods-to-person system into your operations there are a number of operational and logistical factors to contemplate, including:

  • Daily Product Output
  • Units and Lines Per Order
  • Picking and Packing Sequence
  • Unit Cube and Cube Movement
  • Number of Cartons Per Order
  • Average SKU Amount
  • Percent of SKUs in Daily Fulfillment

SRSI is ready to help you examine all of these factors so you can make an informed decision.

As the goods-to-person landscape continues to evolve, SRSI helps warehouses just like yours find the best scalable solutions for their specific workflow, throughput rate and SKU count. Call us today at (817) 953-8740.


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