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Gravity conveyors are by far the most used live conveyor system in the industry. Not only are they easy to implement, but they are also affordable and give consumers and warehouse managers a huge boost for their investment. In this article we’re going to give you a quick guide on gravity conveyor systems — what defines this type of conveyor system, how they work, and what benefits they can provide you. 

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There are dozens of gravity conveyor manufacturers out there and, despite some differences, the framework of it normally stays the same. 

The basic gravity conveyor concept uses skate wheels and rollers to move loads and items without the need for a mechanical power-source like a motor. They normally move items down an incline through a person pushing it down along the flat conveyor. 

They are integral to all kinds of systems since they provide fast, affordable, and easy-to-implement solutions for moving and handling large volumes of items. Gravity roller conveyor designs were some of the first-ever engineered for material handling. They became extremely popular during WWI and since then have served as a stable, reliable warehouse tool.

what is a gravity conveyor system

How Does a Gravity Roller Conveyor System Work?


In essence, gravity roller conveyor design is nothing more than a frame that holds rotating roles and uses momentum – whether it’s someone pushing an item or gravity – to slide materials down the line. The design is simple: imagine a perpendicular ladder, only instead of rungs, it has rollers. 

Advantages of Gravity Roller Conveyor Systems


There are many advantages to owning a gravity roller conveyor system in your warehouse. Aside from the fact that it optimizes your product handling, gravity roller conveyors can help you acquire and sign up new clients. Here are some of the benefits of a gravity roller conveyor system.


Since they don’t use motors, gravity roller conveyors are extremely affordable. They are mostly created out of steel, aluminum, and plastic — materials that are typically universal and easy to purchase. 


These types of systems are flexible, elastic, and can adapt to your needs. In many cases, they are implemented as temporary conveyors and can be transported without any real challenges. Some can even be moved incredibly fast, not only within your warehouse, but outside of it — in case you need to move pallets or items outside your brick-and-mortar.


Gravity roller conveyor designs, in particular pallet conveyors, are easy to maintain. Since they are mostly made out of affordable, easy to acquire materials, when one part breaks, it’s as simple as snapping a replacement into place. You won’t have to stop your whole operation, you won’t have to find a specialist, and in many cases, it’s as easy as taking out the damaged piece and clicking in the new one. 

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Gravity roller conveyor parts can be purchased and added-on to the original design. You can buy accessories such as curves, supports, hanging brackets, slide rails, wheels, pop-up stops, and dozens of more features to customize your system. 

Gravity Conveyor Vs Power Conveyor

Belt-driven roller conveyors, chain-driven roller conveyors, zero pressure roller conveyors, and a few other designs are high-tech systems that use a power source to move items along the assembly line. These are also great and can optimize your business. Their main advantage, when compared to a gravity roller conveyor design, is the fact that you can transport items not only forward but in reverse and at inclines. They are also mostly automized.

Nonetheless, they can be complex, bigger investments, and require more detailed design phases. They also require more professional assistance for maintenance and repairs. For smaller, simple operations, we recommend investing in gravity roller conveyor if possible.

Why Invest in Gravity Roller Conveyor Design?


Gravity roller conveyor systems don’t require a motor and are economical fast solutions for warehouses that need to move light to medium-weight products around. They provide an excellent way to optimize your warehouse in the blink of an eye. Whether your operations are complex or simple, SRSI will provide the right design, system, and project management to give you the greatest ROI. We are committed to partnering with our customers for success! Contact us today to get started: 833.228.6902