Pallet flow is a gravity flow pallet storage method that offers deep inventory reserve and an automatically-replenished pick face. Pallet flow can double the pallet storage of standard selective rack and do it with a smaller, condensed warehouse footprint. It’s a dense storage system that can go very deep (up to 20 pallet positions) depending on inventory needs.

The system requires separate load and pick aisles and supports FIFO (first-in/first-out) inventory rotation. It is often most cost-effective for storing a limited number of high-volume SKUs.

Pallet flow relies on wheels or rollers, not carts, so it can be designed to accommodate non-standard-sized pallets. Pallet speed is controlled with precisely set slope and customized accessories to provide friction and slow the pallets. This is particularly important in deep-lane systems. The system design depends on the inventory specs and system expectations.

Pallet flow is a good choice in all warehouse climates and is particularly popular in freezer applications.