Industrial shelving is an excellent low-cost solution for small parts and inventory storage. As simple as it appears, individual shelving units can be customized with dividers, bins and boxes to secure small items and separate SKUs for faster, more accurate order picking or assembly support.

Shelving provides reserve storage to keep orders flowing and reduces stoppage time for reloading. Shelving units can also be placed back to back to minimize footprint space.

Choose from a wide-range of system capacities and customize your modular system to perfectly meet your needs. Talk with the SRSI team for design ideas and helpful accessories.

  • Cost-effective single item and small goods storage
  • Customizable modular system design
  • Available in a wide-range of capacities (300-1300 lbs.)
  • Easy access for human and mechanical picking
  • Easy set up in mezzanine design or as part of a pick module
  • Easy to relocate