Easy Access LIFO Reserve Storage


Deep-lane pallet storage in a condensed footprint with single aisle access… that’s what sets push-back rack apart from other high-density pallet storage systems. The design usually accommodates 2-5 pallets deep to provide ready reserve inventory with a dedicated lane per SKU. Push-back pallet rack is a LIFO stock rotation solution ideal for full pallet storage where you are storing a limited number of high-volume SKUs.

The pallets are loaded with a standard forklift onto the top cart in a stack of nested, wheeled carts. A five-deep system would have 4 carts. The first pallet is loaded onto the top cart. To load the second pallet, the first pallet would be gently pushed back exposing the cart below. The second pallet would then be placed on that cart and the process would continue with the last pallet (#5) being placed on the rack itself.

Extracting the pallets is easily accomplished as the rear pallets will automatically advance to fill-in the pick face once the front pallet is removed.

Push-Back Pallet Rack Advantages:
  • Deep-lane storage
  • LIFO inventory rotation
  • Condensed footprint – single aisle load and unload
  • Requires standard forklift
  • Minimized forklift/rack interaction vs drive-in rack
Push-Back Pallet Rack In Any Warehouse Climate

No weather forecaster needed for this report… push-back pallet rack is a productivity booster in ambient, cold-storage and freezer warehouse conditions. These systems are designed to last in busy warehouse conditions with minimal maintenance required.

SRSI works with only proven, leading system manufacturers and designs your system to meet your operational needs so that day in and day out your warehouse crew, equipment and facility space is optimized. Push-back pallet rack systems can be designed in structural or roll-formed steel depending on inventory specs.


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November 23, 2021

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