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After investing your time, money, and efforts into a warehouse transformation project, SRSI support does not end like most integrators. Our team designates individuals to take care of our customers as they continue to learn best strategies for their warehouse operation optimization.

RAPIDS is a program that delivers service after a project. Customers receive a login to a customized dashboard:

rapid system

Your dashboard consists of all operations touchpoints, pending requests, PM schedules, and spare parts support.

To the right is an example of a simple maintenance log interface you can fill out for your team.

SRSI Customer Support will promptly address your team’s needs and continue to work side by side as you evolve your business.

SRSI’s Service Team will take care of you long after you purchase from us. We also have experts who can help with your current system. Contact our Service Team for support today.

maintance log


We understand challenges can come up after a new system or solution is implemented. SRSI will support you in training everyone on your team. We are committed to staying connected with our customers and ready to help whenever necessary. Meet Jim Leverett, Director of Customer Success. Jim is one of many SRSI team members who can be reached in a matter of minutes to help you with anything warehouse-related. We enjoy getting to know our customers and value the long-lasting relationships our partnerships create. When you book a project with SRSI, you book a trustworthy, professional relationship and support system. Get started with us today to see the difference for yourself.

Jim Leverett