Versatility & Selectivity


Go ahead and raise your efficiency expectations above simple floor-stacking with quick access and versatile full-pallet storage Selective Pallet Rack. Selective rack is a simple to use, dependable and low-cost warehousing pallet storage system.

It’s a single-deep pallet storage solution that supports FIFO (first-in/first-out) inventory rotation. Each pallet is easily accessible to load and retrieve from a single aisle and since it is only one pallet deep, it is best used for low-volume SKUs where only a few pallets per SKU require storage. Selective provides an economical way to take advantage of vertical warehouse space to better economize cube space and more effectively utilize floor space.

The SRSI team can design and engineer your selective rack system to hold practically any size or weight pallet.

Selective Pallet Rack Advantages:
  • 100% SKU selectivity
  • No specialized equipment required to access the rack
  • Accommodates virtually any size & weight pallet
  • Avail in roll-formed and structural rack
  • Functional in all warehouse climates incl. freezer storage
  • Optimize vertical space & floor space
  • FIFO storage for low-volume SKUs
  • Multiple forklifts can access the aisle
Put The Freeze On Inefficient Cold-Storage with Selective Pallet Rack

The SRSI team understands that optimizing all warehouse space is vital, and with cold-storage and freezer space it is even more challenging. Selective rack allows you to increase efficiency while keeping costs in-line above simple floor stacking.

Where time is of the essence, low-turnover, limited SKU volume inventory is quickly stored up and out of the way in selective pallet rack. Pallets remain ready for fast retrieval for order fulfillment with 100% SKU selectivity. Floor space remains open for less-congested vehicle traffic and faster-moving SKUs.

Talk to SRSI about your inventory storage and throughput needs and we will customize a solution that best fits all your warehousing goals.