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Split-Case Picking

Maximized Efficiency One Piece At A Time

The shift to smaller, more individualized and more frequent order fulfillment makes controlling order picking costs one of the most significant challenges for warehouse management. The good news is that order picking methods and technologies are advancing with the industry shift and SRSI has made it our goal to know how and when best to implement these tools.

We begin with a thorough understanding of your inventory, its cyclical/seasonal nature, peak rates, and future projections. We also evaluate your current picking and quality control methods.

Our Focus Is Your Focus:

  • Improved Productivity
  • Order Picking Accuracy
  • Cost-Efficiency
  • Optimized Throughput
  • Customer Satisfaction

From there we provide design options to address your specific needs and goals. Where automation makes sense, we have options to choose from, but we also take advantage of gravity systems, mobile systems, batching and slotting, and processing software. Often a combination of technology, automation and dynamic or static rack & conveyors make up the best solutions.

Pulling together all of those pieces and parts can be daunting, expensive and time-consuming, but not with SRSI. We are a nimble operation with decades of experience and long-standing industry contacts. Our experts have implemented picking solutions for pharma, convenience stores, food distribution, general merchandise, and automotive… to name just a few, and we stand ready to tackle your project.

Sample Picking Systems & Technologies:

  • Goods-to-Person
  • Voice Picking
  • RF (barcode)
  • Pick-to-Light
  • Gravity Flow Systems
  • Mobile Cart
  • AR Picking
  • Paper Ticket
  • Put Wall

Extensive material handling and design experience with the latest systems know-how create highly-efficient warehousing & distribution solutions.


Expert knowledge in piece, case and pallet picking applications, design & integration and software implementation.


Dedicated turnkey systems integrators, designers and project managers delivering more than customer satisfaction...We Deliver Excellence.