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SRSI is pleased to announce the onboarding of Darius Howell, the newest addition to the Customer Success Team. He will be one of SRSI’s Automation Service Technicians (AST) based on the East coast.

Darius has spent his entire life in the Baltimore area of Maryland. He grew up shadowing his father in maintenance positions and soon realized a passion of problem solving. After learning the basics of maintenance for systems, Darius would find himself often wanting to solve problems and get to the source of an issue. He started a contemporary contract position at Honeywell as an assembler and was quickly sought out as a hard worker. Darius would work overtime assembling machines, staying after hours to take systems apart and fix any issues that came up. His determined work ethic and commitment to excellence allowed Darius to grow in his position and further in his career.

After his time at Honeywell, Darius worked at IMI Global and then at Amazon. From working in assembly to maintenance technician, Darius gained extensive experience in hands-on environments. He began traveling with his company, working on conveyor maintenance, and finally ended up as an automation technician for Amazon. Meeting impactful connections along the way made it easy for Darius to be highly recommended when he sought out his job at Amazon.

Through his background as a technician, Darius has received many certifications. He started by passing an electronics technician certification program and later received five more certifications under PMMI. The niche he brings to the SRSI team is his expertise in automation. Darius described his new role at SRSI as incredibly exciting. “I’m looking forward to growing with the company,” he mentions. “I know my background will allow me to thrive in this new role. I’m excited to make a home out of this job and stay for the long run,” Darius adds.

When describing his newfound work home, Darius noted how he likes the way the SRSI team works together. He enjoys the clear communication. He adds, “I want to grow wherever the team feels its necessary. I’m hitting the ground running and thing will only go up from here.” Darius also noted how much he looks up to the leaders of SRSI. “I’ve seen Ben captivate a room and describe, in the absolute best way, how to solve problems. I know I will quickly learn how to solve problems in a similar way, and I’m eager to see SRSI become a leader in the material handling industry,” he notes.

“it’s obvious the SRSI team is passionate about the work they do, and everyone takes full responsibility for each project they take on. I know there are lots of opportunities ahead of us,” Darius adds.

During his free time, Darius spends quality time with his fiancé. He described how far they have come in the past few years – buying a house together, proposing to her in Paris, and building an exciting life together. Darius values spending time with family, is an avid car enthusiast, and genuinely loves to travel for work. His passion in his role as an Automation Service Technician was clear and inspiring, and we cannot wait to introduce him to all our customers.

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