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Coming to us from Covington, Kentucky, Joshua has joined the SRSI software team as a Warehouse Management Software Specialist.

Josh is originally from Paris, Kentucky, about an hour outside of Lexington. His father was in the military, and Josh grew up home-schooled. He moved away at age 18 for school and job opportunities and attended Morehead State University as well as West Governors University. Josh studied computer science and gained early experience in the software atmosphere by working in IT at his university.

After graduating, Josh started right away in a new position learning, building, and working with software. As fresh talent in the material handling industry, Josh spent three years at Bastian Software Solutions. He later moved to a new position at a division of Trew Automation where he continued to gain experience in software solutions, and he finally settled with the SRSI team in early 2022.

When asked about why he chose material handling, Josh described the industry, and particularly supply chain and logistics, as the heartbeat of our society. Software in general has always intrigued Josh, and he found success in applying that interest to a major growing industry. This is all rooted in Josh’s interest and enjoyment in problem solving. He adds, “software is a very powerful tool everyone can utilize and benefit from.”

Josh’s niche within material handling at SRSI is working with transaction software and verification processes. He bridges communication between different systems so they can work collaboratively for customers. His work also entails controls engineering, ERP systems, SQL development, and SSMS.

Short term goals for Josh mainly entail learning and getting familiar with the software SRSI uses. Later, he looks forward to diving further into technical aspects of systems and leading the charge on some OPC (Open Platform Communications) projects, communications for controls, and developing access and utilizing new tools to better accommodate customer needs.

In a hypothetical sense, Josh sees the industry going fully autonomous. Especially after the labor shortages we’ve experienced in the last few years, the growing challenges companies are facing with order fulfillment, and the demand for e-commerce services, more players are realizing the need to streamline and automate operations. Josh is confident there will be more investments made for autonomy, and he stands ready to deliver with the SRSI team.

Josh enjoys gaming in his spare time and likes the game Overwatch. He also enjoys coding, golfing, and playing fantasy football. SRSI is excited to bring him into the team community, collaborate on new projects, and connect him with our customers. One of Josh’s favorite quotes is, “99% of failures come from people who make excuses,” by George Washington.

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