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Joining us at our Dallas, TX engineering office, John is eager to be working with SRSI. John spent most of his adolescent life in Phoenix, AZ until he was about 24 years old. After graduating from Arizona State University with a degree in electrical engineering, John took a job in Texas where he worked with a vast range of industries as a controls engineer. He perfected electrical drawing, PLC programming and many other skills including working in the shop. The company he worked for built all their own machinery and did the mechanical/electrical design, which helped shape John’s path in his engineering  John Quammecareer.
John’s passion for engineering didn’t start incredibly early on in his education. He originally went to school to be a veterinarian! After realizing bigger and better dreams for his life, John made the switch to engineering. He always wondered about processes behind everyday components like how lights turn on when the switch was flipped. He was particularly interested in the theory for electrical engineering.
John spent much of his time in managerial roles where he communicated to customers how each project was going. In the last 8-10 years, his passion has grown more towards customer relationships. He went from heavy problem-solving and building layouts to making things work, to loving customer service and building relationships. John still prides himself in being great at all of these, but his passion is truly settled in building long-term partnerships with customers for mutual success and growth. Projects John has worked on have taken him all over the world, including Canada and Mexico.
When it comes to technicality, John likes to keep things simple. His background includes a significant amount of work in the automotive industry, and he commented on its similarity to material handling. “Whether you’re transporting a box of cleaning products or a suburban, the basics stay the same,” he notes. “Customer needs will always vary, and I get to work with them to decide which components are the most important in their operations.” John recalls his time in the automotive industry as a parallel to the material handling industry. As a controls engineer, he has had to determine similar pieces of systems that are all familiar in past projects to implement into new ones, and it’s just a matter of building a unique puzzle to provide the right fit for the customer.
John looks forward to helping SRSI manage the internal controls engineering team to better grow our own operations. “From what I’m seeing, the demand is so high that logistics is completely booming. SRSI has a great reputation in the industry, so the sky is the limit for us. The team is evidently motivated and hard working,” John adds. Having an internal controls engineering team helps us stand out as a valuable partner for businesses with warehouses or distribution centers.
John’s favorite hobbies include going to the gym – he has faithfully gone for 40 years now! He has two daughters, two old classic cars he works on, loves dogs having 3 Akitas and he loves to cook. John’s values lie in consistently staying strong physically and mentally, and living each day like its his last. We are excited for John to work with our other controls engineers and look forward to the incredible work he will do for us and our customers.