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The key to any successful business endeavor is to ensure that the benefits (far) exceed the effort. If you’re changing a process for something that promises greater benefit… it better deliver.

SRSIdeas is where you’ll find ideas that deliver in a measurable way.

One very measurable yet often overlooked metric is energy use. Depending on the size and configuration of your facility, a 75% – 90% lighting energy reduction is possible by simply updating to an intelligent LED system. And this is just the start…

How Can SRSI Help:

The SRSI team will help you integrate simple to complex lighting strategies to boost warehouse efficiency. Here’s where our experience pays off… literally.

  • Lighting Conversion and Lighting as a Service (LaaS)– We help you convert your outdated lighting systems to low-cost, highly-efficient energy systems. LaaS is paid entirely through the savings your lighting upgrades create.
  • Energy savings analysis– Our extensive experience modeling existing buildings and verification against actual utility bills allows us to develop realistic and accurate analysis with proven and verifiable savings estimates.
  • Energy Rebates & Tax Benefits– We identify, apply for, and transfer all utility rebates and tax incentives. We also supply documentation for the 179D Federal Tax Incentive for efficiency upgrades.
  • Energy Optimization– We help you develop methods to reduce energy consumption at all facilities which allows the service providers to optimize the operational cost of their systems. Examples: Renewables – Solar, Battery Storage, Demand Response, CHP, Power Factor Correction, Peak Load Management, Selling Power back to the Grid, mechanical and equipment upgrades. (We can provide Generation and Renewables as a Service.)
  • Power & Gas Procurement– We develop product structuring for power and gas purchasing based on client-specific usage trends. We also implement programming that anticipates your future energy needs. We can use PPAs to mitigate costs, fund renewable energy development, lower overall utility costs, and generate working capital for your company.

If you are looking to build a new site, renovate an existing site or just looking to cut operating expenses while improving on corporate “Green” initiatives, we have many different approaches to take to ensure your Energy Optimization Plan meets your goals for minimizing costs and maximizing return.

Call today to schedule your Energy Optimization Evaluation, and let’s get started.