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The Slate River in Colorado is one of the most unique, natural resources in the United States. It flows with life, excitement, and energy, as it moves over obstacles and through valleys to deliver its precious resource to the waiting waterway below.

Brothers, Ben and Chris York, find commonality with this magnificent body of water. Its mission is clear, and it flows undeterred to reach its goal. Ben and Chris have joined their material handling experience, unique areas of expertise, and zeal for technology to form Slate River Systems, Inc. (SRSI) and deliver innovative systems and solutions… undeterred by whatever obstacles they encounter… to enable your flow of goods most effectively and efficiently.

While building optimized solutions is paramount to the goals of SRSI, building lasting relationships is too. SRSI has gathered talented, like-minded professionals to partner with to ensure smooth, professional, and skilled implementation of your inventory storage and processing strategy. To that end, our team stands ready to take on your warehousing challenge. Join us at the River, won’t you?


Extensive material handling and design experience with the latest systems know-how create highly-efficient warehousing & distribution solutions.

Completed Hardware for RAFT Deployment

Expert knowledge in piece, case and pallet picking applications, design & integration and software implementation.


We speak operations at SRSI. Dedicated turnkey systems integrators, designers, and project managers delivering more than customer satisfaction.