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SRSI Welcomes Brian Moore

By Skyeler Smith / October 13, 2021 /

Joining SRSI’s team of engineers, Brian works remotely out of his home in Michigan. Brian’s Story Brian grew up outside a very small town in Illinois. His family could only afford to send one of their children to school, in which they chose Brian’s older sister. Nevertheless, Brian qualified for the US Navy’s nuclear engineering…

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Bundle Up for Cold Storage Solutions

By Skyeler Smith / October 5, 2021 /

Cold storage facilities require systems that can endure temperatures other systems may not be able to handle. To store cold products, cold storage warehouses require the refrigeration unit to be able to maintain temperatures that are between 0-4 degrees Celsius (or colder). SRSI is Equipped to Assist with Your Cold Storage Needs. In these environments,…

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Vincent, Senior Project Manager Joins SRSI

By Skyeler Smith / September 21, 2021 /

Welcome, Tommy! We are happy to announce that Tommy Vincent recently joined our team of Project Managers. His experience in the Material Handling world includes strong roots within data analytics and project management for a variety of applications. He grew up in Pennsylvania, went to University of Pittsburgh, and later joined the Air Force. This…

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Welcome, Constance Kirnie, SRSI Accounts Manager

By Skyeler Smith / September 13, 2021 /

Constance Kirnie comes to us from Charlotte, North Carolina, as a field Accounts Manager for SRSI. Originally from Rochester New York, Constance attended SUNY at Brockport and majored in Marketing with a focus on B2B. She later moved to Charlotte to start life with her now husband. Constance was exposed to sales as soon as…

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SRSI Welcomes Thuy Dang, Senior Controls Engineer

By Skyeler Smith / September 7, 2021 /

Our new Senior Controls Engineer, Thuy Dang, is delighted and eager to have recently joined SRSI. Thuy’s industry roots travel far back to when he first came to the U.S. from Vietnam in 1995 and attended the University of Cincinnati. He graduated with Electrical Engineering and Mathematics degrees and then went on to get his…

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Productive Project Management: Sam Siraphet Joins SRSI

By Skyeler Smith / September 2, 2021 /

SRSI is continuing to grow its team of motivated individuals. Sam Siraphet, SRSI Project Manager, is a perfect example of the growth and success SRSI brings to the Material Handling industry. Sam has an incredibly inspirational backstory. He came to the U.S. after fleeing Laos as a refugee in the late 70’s. With the help…

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why implement warehouse agv

6 Reasons to Implement a Warehouse AGV

By gosrsi / August 29, 2021 /

AGV solutions are the way of the future when it comes to the supply line. Not only in storage, but also with management and distribution. Robotics have taken the world by storm and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) have become incredibly popular in the way we manage our warehouses.  What are AGVs – Automated Guided Vehicles…

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drive-in racking systems: pros and cons

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drive-in Racking Systems

By gosrsi / August 27, 2021 /

Drive-in racking systems are an ideal way of not only sprucing up your warehouse, so it has a competitive edge, but of making your current supply chain more effective. A drive-in racking system is a perfect solution to some of the many challenges that plague storage facilities. Let’s inform you about the pros, the cons,…

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optimize order fulfillment process

5 Ways to Optimize Your Order Fulfillment Processes

By gosrsi / August 9, 2021 /

Order fulfillment is a complex process with multiple moving parts. It encompasses dozens of systems and difficulties, and given today’s incredibly competitive and tech-segregated atmosphere – where speed and efficiency are the only high-water marks companies strive to constantly reach – it is even more important to have optimized order fulfillment solutions at your disposal.…

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“Be the Best at What You Do,” SRSI Welcomes new WMS Specialist, Jeremy Young

By Skyeler Smith / August 3, 2021 /

SRSI is happy to announce the onboarding of Jeremy Young, the newest WMS Specialist on the Software Team. Coming to us from California, Jeremy’s story inspires and suggests the great success and growth he will bring to SRSI and the material handling industry. Jeremy worked his way up from the very beginning of his career…

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