1. First-Timer at MODEX 2020

    Through my brief experience attending conferences and sales competitions as a marketing undergraduate student, the biggest takeaway I kept in mind was the importance of authenticity. Connecting on a deeper level versus mere ‘networking’ is what sets certain groups apart from others. Stepping into preparation for MODEX with SRSI was a whirlwind. I began working with the team in January while co…Read More

  2. Space to Chill?

    Most U.S. consumers are familiar with the commercial refrigerators they see in the grocery stores storing common food items or in pharmacies where they pick up their specialized prescription medications. What they likely do not realize is that there is a complex infrastructure (large-sized coolers or full refrigerated building structures) sending inventory to those on-site refrigerators. The main …Read More

  3. How to Eliminate Transportation Waste in Distribution Centers

    SRSI warehouse operation expert Jim Munafo shares key advice for distribution center optimization: Lack of Warehouse Design/Layout Planning or Maintenance Issue: Moving product too far from point A to point B or even to point C will significantly add to costs.  These costs include forklift operators, excess equipment, and maintenance/charging to maintain the excess equipment. Solution: Placing ma…Read More

  4. SRSI Welcomes New Team Member – James Ruffini

    SRSI is happy to announce the onboarding of James Ruffini, Customer Solution Specialist, at our office in Irving, TX. James has strong ties to the SRSI family and joined the team early this year. He served as a Director of Operations for 20 years and also has experience as a Vice President of Operations and CEO in the material handling industry. James’ favorite part about working in this industr…Read More

  5. SRSI Deepens Skills, Leadership & Experience – Welcome Dave Parta

    We are happy to announce that Dave Parta P.E., PMP has joined the SRSI team as Senior Project Manager. Dave is a proficient team leader, coach, and mentor with extensive experience in every phase of Engineering Project Management and an accomplished track record for developing and integrating projects of all sizes and scopes across a variety of industries. Dave seeks to actively develop strong lin…Read More

  6. SRSI Branches Out Expanding Reach & Systems Integration Services

    Yes, that’s right… SRSI has once again busted the seams of our headquarters location! A move was required, but not just one move this time… this move prompted even more of an expansion. We now have 3 office locations to best serve our customers. The SRSI vision is to not only go to where you are, but to also go to where we find the best talent to support your needs. To that end, the Administ…Read More

  7. Happy Anniversary to our Director, Business Development Jovan Bjelobrk

    A lot happens in one year at a successful new start-up… if the right people are there to help steer the ship. The SRSI team has been fortunate to have a leader in Jovan Bjelobrk who has worked alongside and helped guide us through our exciting first year. His SRSI career began as the Director of Systems Solutions and we are happy to announce that he has recently assumed the promotion and role of…Read More

  8. Past Collaboration Opens Door to Exciting Future for SRSI & Jim Munafo

    SRSI is building! We’re building material handling solutions for our customers and to do that… we’re building on our relationships with trusted industry experts and partners. Welcome Jim Munafo, Systems Solutions Associate, to the SRSI team. Jim brings vital industry expertise in supply chain operations to our material handling sales and integration team that will be a huge asset to his work…Read More

  9. SRSI Engineers a Great Hire – Welcome to the Team, Lenny Charles

    Warehouse solutions creatively define the space within an industrial facility. The material handling and storage systems they’re built on, whether pallet rack, conveyor, picking modules, static, dynamic or automated, all share one critical element… they must be built on a robust, highly-engineered design. For this critically important role, the SRSI team needed a seasoned and trusted industry …Read More

  10. Great Timing? Meant to Be? Either Way We’re Celebrating at SRSI

    Sometimes all it takes is being in the right place at the right time… and both Paul Olaru and SRSI couldn’t agree more. A chance introduction in Crested Butte, Colorado last year leads us to celebrating a happy one-year anniversary for SRSI’s Junior Engineer. While Paul was working on his Systems Engineering degree in Romania, he spent a summer in Crested Butte, CO as part of a cultural exch…Read More