Guide Your Warehouse To Optimal Efficiency With AGVs

Guide Your Warehouse To Optimal Efficiency With AGVs

Automated guidance vehicles (AGVs) have become an increasingly popular fixture in warehouses, production facilities and fulfillment centers across all sectors. They allow your facility to maximize efficiency, make the most of your personnel resources and maintain an optimal level of productivity. As AGVs have become more integrated into the everyday business and operational landscape, there have been enormous advancements in scalability, functionality and specialization. SRSI warehouse automation experts will help you determine which types work best for your facility’s size, personnel needs, scope of operations and a variety of other factors.

Purpose And Practice: How Do AGVs Work?

Automated guidance vehicles are machines of varying size that are guided by either wires or embedded track in your facility. They can also be guided by light, radio waves cameras or magnets. In the context of warehouse operations and order fulfillment AGVs are essentially meant to assist or replace human personnel in the movement and preparation of goods for packing and shipping, so they can focus on other duties.

There are multiple daily and long-term benefits of AGV systems, including but not limited to:

  • Lower Staff Costs – Rather than train and retain a staff of full-time employees to manually pick and pack items, AGVs enable you to make a one-time investment in technology implementation that pays dividends for years to come.
  • Reduced Errors and Safety Issues – AGVs are guided with smart technology, like cameras, wire sensors, lasers and other mechanisms to reduce collision and other types of accidents that can threaten your staff and your inventory. They also reduce the possibility of human error due to distraction, fatigue and other factors.
  • Better Accuracy and Productivity – Targeted and intuitive systems allow AGVs to pick and move more items faster and with more precision. AGVs also have the capacity to run around the clock seven days a week, as opposed to human personnel.

AGVs are also scalable to fit the configuration, size and spatial limitations of any warehouse or production facility.

Choosing the Right AGV system with SRSI

The team at SRSI has been helping warehouses, manufacturing plants and production facilities just like yours identify and implement quality AGV systems since their arrival to the landscape. We are constantly staying ahead of emerging trends in this technology and are ready to help your team make the most informed decision about which option is best for you. Call us today at (817) 953-8740 to find out what we can do for you.


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