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Through my brief experience attending conferences and sales competitions as a marketing undergraduate student, the biggest takeaway I kept in mind was the importance of authenticity. Connecting on a deeper level versus mere ‘networking’ is what sets certain groups apart from others.
Stepping into preparation for MODEX with SRSI was a whirlwind. I began working with the team in January while continuing classes at Western ColoradoSkyeler Smith at modex 2020 University. It was our first time exhibiting at a tradeshow and my first exposure to exhibit planning and the Material Handling Industry.
Having a reliable and supportive team, as well as strong relationships with valuable partners, allowed us to successfully run our booth in Atlanta. The MHI team, GES, and the Georgia World Congress Center were all so helpful in making sure everything ran smoothly.
The show itself was unlike anything I’ve experienced. Walking the floors reminded me of arts picnics and carnivals, only this one was much bigger and far greater! A community was built before our eyes with new relationships emerging and amazingly presented technology. Our booth and social gathering event were successful because of our authenticity. The SRSI team showed up ready to meet new faces, visit current partners and clients, and truly listen to what people had to say. We greatly appreciated individuals’ willingness to travel amidst COVID-19 concerns and respected all health practices.
MODEX 2020 was the perfect opportunity for me to gain knowledge on the wide range of applications in the material handling industry, grow perspective on exhibiting, and develop relationships. SRSI will continue their presence at shows to come, bringing turnkey technology and, of course, authentic connection. We look forward to continuing to provide the best solutions for you!

Skyeler Smith, SRSI Marketing Coordinator
[email protected]