High-Speed Sortation Systems

Inventory Management At The Speed Of You

High-Speed sortation systems are a literal must for any warehouse or fulfillment center with a large-volume inventory. They allow you to quickly sort through products of all sizes to source them to their correct destinations until they’re ready to be shipped. There are several different types of high-speed sortation systems, and it’s imperative that these systems are able to process hundreds of parts per minute. The type of high-speed sortation system your warehouse implements should depend on its size, inventory needs, personnel allocation, and a variety of other factors. The right high-speed sorter can divert about over 400 items or cartons per minute, or up to 27,000 cartons per hour.

The four main types of high-speed sortation systems include tilt-tray, cross-belt, Bombay sorters, and slide-shoe sorters. The first three in this list generally serve the same purpose and function: sortation of individual items for shipping and to process returns to the warehouse or facility of origin. Sliding-shoe sortation systems are typically used to process and sort larger-size cartons.

Advantages Of High-Speed Sortation Systems

When you need to get more done with less time, high-speed sortation systems are an indispensable part of your facility’s fulfillment infrastructure, offering multiple benefits, such as:

  • Significantly Higher Minute-by-Minute and Hourly Sortation of Goods
  • Decreased Reliance on Human Personnel to Sort and Process Cartons
  • Decreased Time and Labor Costs
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Lower Rates of Return on Products

Primary applications for high-speed sorters include brick-and-mortar and e-commerce order fulfillment, processing of returns, pre-pack organization and generation, collation, and put-away-sort.

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