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Pick modules are a highly-efficient, condensed configuration of material handling systems strategically integrated for select inventory storage and picking. Pallet storage and case and/or item picking stations work together to help you meet fast-paced order processing goals. Pick modules can also be designed on multi-levels to take advantage of warehouse vertical space.

The concept is to combine ready reserve palletized inventory with small item pick inventory. To do this pallets can be stored on static selective pallet rack or in a dynamic push-back or pallet flow rack system. Cartons are pulled from the palletized stock to fill carton flow or shelving units in the pick module.

The carton flow or shelving area is ergonomically positioned to allow for fast, accurate retrieval of inventory that is often then placed on nearby a conveyor. Conveyors can be push-assisted gravity or electric depending on facility needs.

Pick Module Advantages:
  • Optimize order fulfillment processing
  • Reduce labor and equipment costs
  • Increase pick rates & accuracy
  • Increase SKU storage
  • Effectively utilize cube space
  • Reduce facility energy use & costs
Pick Module Efficiency in Hyperdrive

Automation can effectively propel your order processing operation into a new dimension. Major advancements in warehouse software, autonomous vehicles and picking robotics have happened in just the past few years and the SRSI team is ready to apply the latest technology… only where it makes sense for your unique operation.

Whether it’s faster turns, SKU proliferation, worker shortages, or all of those together often the best warehousing solutions combine technology and automation with reliable pallet rack, case-pick systems and conveyors to meet the daily storage and distribution challenges.

Picking Solutions
  • Pick/Put to Light
  • Voice Picking
  • RF Picking
  • A-Frame
  • E-Commerce – Put Walls
  • Mobile Cart
  • Robotic Picking Solutions​