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Our new Senior Controls Engineer, Thuy Dang, is delighted and eager to have recently joined SRSI. Thuy’s industry roots travel far back to when he first came to the U.S. from Vietnam in 1995 and attended the University of Cincinnati. He graduated with Electrical Engineering and Mathematics degrees and then went on to get his Master’s in Electrical Engineering. Thuy wasted no time to immerse himself into the industry where he successfully applied his educational background. He has experience in automation with machine and equipment integration and has been responsible for making countless robotic systems work efficiently and accurately.
Thuy Dang
Throughout Thuy’s career, he has worked with integrators and their machinery, which allowed him to learn and contribute to a variety of other industries like Food and Beverage and Pharmaceuticals. His expertise also extends into warehouse management systems, programmable logic controller (PLC) solutions, robotic system platforms, and vision platforms.
Although the software is a bit different in his new position with SRSI, the processes all feel similar enough for Thuy. “I have a lot to learn, but I think I will learn quickly since I’m used to this process,” he adds. Thuy plans to take full advantage of this field of work with SRSI as a controls engineer. “I’m excited to get more people on our team, grow together, make sales together, and learn from each other.”
Right now, SRSI is much more specific and meets people’s unique needs compared to other integration companies. When asked about SRSI’s niche in the industry, Thuy says, “We tailor are services to meet eye-to-eye with our customers and rarely turn inquiries down. The software we use is unique and special and adds to the value we bring. There aren’t really any other companies out there doing what we’re doing.”
Aside from Thuy’s motivation to learn and make an impact in his new role at SRSI, Thuy has a great passion for mathematics. He loves tutoring students in math and science and challenging younger generations with new questions. Thuy lives by this quote, translated from Vietnamese, “Life is defined as meaningful success when you stay motivated – keep moving forward.” With the immense expertise, technical knowledge, and positive attitude Thuy brings to SRSI, he will have the best time getting acquainted with the team and our customers.