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The main challenge? Warehouse distribution challenges.

By 2025 most thriving businesses are expected to scale up by over 58% — some even by 70%! BUT only 11% of those will experience growth that lines up with their plans and capabilities.

Distributors need efficient systems that manage to keep their business healthy and are strong enough to face the changes of an ever-evolving ecosystem. They need solutions that ultimately empower them to grow, adapt, and compete in an atmosphere with high levels of automation.

All of us are trying to do more with less.

That’s the main motto in this day and age. One of the biggest questions you may face is how do you expand in an optimized manner, grow productively, while also superseding service and actions that may hamper your progress? In distribution this means changing relationships, distribution automating processes, specializing assembly, kitting services, modern ERP solutions, and integrated systems that are less tolerant of errors and demand robust platforms, and expertly trained personnel.

Are you up for today’s challenges? Are your expectations and those of your customers being met? Are you one of those 11% winners running the pack or are you simply trying to keep up with the pace?

System Solutions for Distributors

Quick access and versatile full-pallet storage. Easy to use, low-cost storage system, supports FIFO (first-in/first-out). Raise your expectations.

SRSI has spent years helping our clients determine their conveyor system needs and implement quality facility-specific solutions.

The four main types of high-speed sortation systems include tilt-tray, cross-belt, Bombay sorters, and slide-shoe sorters.

Automated guidance vehicles are machines of varying size that are guided by either wires or embedded track in your facility. They can also be guided by light, radio waves cameras or magnets.

VLMs store items within the front and rear of the unit and with the help of an extractor device in the middle, they automatically pick and deliver the selected item to the access opening with the push of a button.

Optimized order efficiency and processing. Reduce labor and equipment costs with a condensed configuration for pallet storage and item pick-up. Cut back on space, energy, and costs.



Introducing SRSI’s RAFT ASRS -

SRSI optimizes warehouse distribution, storage and delivers seamless operations tracking and management.

The world is changing at a rapid pace and industries that don’t adapt to the times find themselves having extra overhead and low growth forecasts. With SRSI on your side, we continuously update our procedures, make visible improvements and adopt the most current technology trends and automation process.

High standard innovations for your company.

  • Enhancing relationships with customers and suppliers.
  • Streamlining your supply chain.
  • Securing your distribution channels with audit and continuous oversight.
  • Better inbounds and outbounds with revolutionary hardware and products.
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Industrial Solutions for Distribution

Over 57% of companies are certain that supply chain management gives them the competitive edge. With technology and automation, 32% of global retailers and suppliers admit that their business has seen a certain amount of disruption. 28% underwent shortages and out-of-stock scenarios in 2020. And the market is expected to reach over $37 billion in market growth — with an annual median scale-up of over 12% from 2020-2027.

The major factor that is determining how a company adapts to these changes? — distribution automation and innovative technology.

Companies that are right now pioneering the field and breaking new ground are investing heavily in tech solutions, AI, proprietary software, and new talent — enabling them a huge market expansion by over 23% and cutting costs to more than 25%. 

Supply chains are evolving — ARE YOU BEING PROACTIVE?

Stages of Work

Facing logistic and distribution problems is the main industry challenge most suppliers are facing right now. Distribution automation and groundbreaking tech are constantly having to evolve to meet the demands of today’s consumers and clients.

E-commerce is, as of 2020, a 4.28 trillion dollar industry — it accounts for more than 18.1% of retails sales worldwide. The market exploded and in many cases galvanized the supply chain and began to create logistical problems.

At SRSI, we offer to streamline your distribution process with optimization services.

  • Consulting: auditing your current state and giving you expert advice on how to optimize, grow, and fully enhance your distribution warehouse.
  • Products & Services: SRSI gives you innovative cutting-edge tech and advanced services that are customizable to your needs and goals. Spearheading change and vanguard solutions with the best products the market has to offer.
  • Installation: expert manpower with a pioneer mindset — that is what we demand of our personnel. Front-line solutions and installations guided by professionals.
  • Maintenance: instructive navigation that regulates, updates, and manages your system every step of the way. SRSI oversees how our advice and changes are improving your logistics and distribution — regulating the model and improving on it constantly. 

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