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Taking the Most Efficient Route in Order Fulfillment


Simply put, zone routing gives your products direction, and immediately brings them to their proper destination for sorting, packing and shipping. Warehouse workflow and order fulfillment has become a collaborative effort between man and machine, and few systems exemplify this reality more than zone-routing conveyors.

Zone-routing conveyor systems guide packages through a pick system to the precise location where they need to go to be picked. These smart and intuitive systems help to minimize time spent on sourcing cartons, maximize efficiency among your human workforce and increase accuracy of picking orders. The SRSI team, along with our trusted industry partners, will help you design and implement the right system for your operation – call us!

System Advantages and Benefits

Zone-route picking offers a variety of operational and productivity benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Expedited Carton Movement for High-Volume Warehouses
  • Increased Productivity among Operators and Other Staff
  • Diminished Congestion and Safety Issues in Aisles and Floors

Zone routing systems are scalable and can work within virtually any warehouse or distribution center’s operational model.

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SRSI has spent years helping warehouse, distribution facilities and order fulfillment centers just like yours implement scalable, intuitive and results-oriented zone-routing conveyor models. We will work with your business to identify your output needs, expansion plans, average SKU volume, facility size, personnel and other factors to help guide you toward a solution that works best for you. Whether you’re building a new facility or simply looking to modernize your current infrastructure, the SRSI team is ready to help you get it all done. Call us today at (817) 953-8740 to find out what we can do for you.