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Synchronize and manage your DC workflows with one single-platform. SwiftCurrent is NOW-Generation technology that allows this single warehouse execution system (WES)​ to provide seamless connection and integration of your warehouse material handling equipment and automation systems. Balance workflows and prioritize storage and order processing execution with SwiftCurrent.


SwiftCurrent WES Delivers

  • Real-time order status & results
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Accurate order processing
  • On-time delivery
  • Optimized labor allocation
  • Reduction in system congestion
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SwiftCurrent is built on a powerful 5G cloud-based platform yet it is scalable, and flexible enough for any high-throughput operation. Using smart-application technology, and real-time analytics, SwiftCurrent assesses orders, inventory, labor and material handling systems to effectively execute order fulfillment. From storage to picking and all the way through shipping SwiftCurrent determines the most productive flow and resource allocation. SwiftCurrent also provide accurate zone visibility of downstream capacities & destination availability to most effectively utilize your warehouse storage space..


SwiftCurrent is so intuitive that it provides a modular solution that enables you to establish the level of functionality you need. Then, using business process logic, it establishes order execution and workflow that is also reactive to issues (think bottlenecks) in upstream or downstream processing and can trigger operational changes to ensure maximized use of your facility’s resources.

SwiftCurrent operates automatically unless manual control is required. SwiftCurrent assists warehouse management even further by allowing them to quickly address issues, immediately locate inventory, and enable or disable work diverts to adjust the flow of work. DC operators are made aware of any issues within real-time to allow them to effectively manage inventory or order processing concerns with minimal disruption.

SwiftCurrent is a powerful warehouse tool yet it was designed with an intuitive user interface and to be flexible and ready to adapt easily to new or changing supply chain demands and processes. SwiftCurrent was made for NOW.