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Picking Solutions

Gain Valuable Efficiencies With Fast, Accurate Order Picking

At SRSI, we speak picking. Discrete, batch, wave, waveless, cartonization, lines, reaches and eaches, we understand the language and can help you optimize your operations. Regardless if it is voice, pick-to-light, radio frequency (RF) or simple paper ticket, our experts can recommend slotting changes, technology changes, and wholesale upgrades using the latest goods to person technologies available. We understand inventory, its cyclical/seasonal nature, peak rates and the hidden costs to quality control. If you are facing increased demand from omni channel sources, we have solutions to help. Increased SKU diversity overwhelming your pick line? We have answers that are ready to be implemented. Our experts have implemented picking solutions for pharma, c-store, food distribution, general merchandise, and automotive. If you need to get an item out the door faster and more accurately, the SRSI team stands ready to share our industry experiences.

Picking Solutions:

  • Pick/Put to Light
  • Voice Picking
  • RF Picking
  • A-Frame
  • E-Commerce – Put Walls
  • Mobile Cart
  • Robotic Picking Solutions

Extensive material handling and design experience with the latest systems know-how create highly-efficient warehousing & distribution solutions.


Expert knowledge in piece, case and pallet picking applications, design & integration and software implementation.


Dedicated turnkey systems integrators, designers and project managers delivering more than customer satisfaction...We Deliver Excellence.