Solving Challenging Problems with SRSI’s


Optimize Your Space and Order Fulfillment


Do you walk out into your warehouse and feel like there’s a chaotic mess? Are forklifts buzzing around, pallets scattered on the floor with workers scrambling to figure out where products or inventory are located?

Warehouse racking systems can cut down clutter by storing items more efficiently while maximizing space within existing structures.

Racking systems are an efficient way to organize the storage of pallets. They can help solve many warehouse problems, including:

  • Getting pallets off of floors and onto racks for easy retrieval when needed
  • Maximizing your existing space by using multiple levels or shelves in addition to converting aisle widths into extra depth without taking up any additional floor area (known as stacking) – perfect if you have limited room!
2 Main Types of


The same facility can utilize one method over another or utilize both methods fordifferent products or processes:

Split case picking

Individual items are picked from bins or open cartons, typically with lots of SKUs and low pick volume per SKU. This method is commonly used in e-commerce or other order fulfillment centers.

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Full case picking

This method involves the gathering of full cartons or boxes of product for distribution. This method is commonly used for retail distribution of goods, truck or train loads of products, supply chain, logistics, etc.

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