Looking for an order fulfillment system for your warehouse that offers higher speed, increased accuracy, and cuts down on manpower and associated cost? Let there be light! Pick-to-Light is a popular, cost-effective method of order picking due to precision, expediency, and ease of use. Improve productivity by reducing travel time between picks and boost order accuracy and throughput using visual, light-directed picking.

How pick-to-light works

Light indicator units mounted to warehouse rack or shelving direct operators to the item location and quantity to be picked. The operator presses the start button, selects, or scans each item picked and confirms that the pick is finished by pressing the confirm button. Pick-to-Light systems can be integrated directly with your warehouse’s inventory system to ensure seamless continuity of movement and fulfillment.

Advantages of Pick-to-Light Systems

Pick-to-Light systems offer a variety of daily operational and long-term growth benefits including:

  • Improved productivity – workers can spot, pick and complete orders faster
  • Increased accuracy – fewer errors with light-directed picking
  • Reduced labor costs – less travel time, more orders picked in less time

How Are Pick-to-Light Systems Used?

Pick-to-Light systems are used in a variety of warehouse fulfillment, manufacturing and production applications, including but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Big-Box Store Inventory Order Fulfillment
  • Ecommerce and Mail Order Shipping
  • Put-to-Light Approaches

The system is ideal for any facility with customized and large-volume order fulfillment needs.